Character Precepts! Business

Character is built into a person’s life by the decisions that are made on a moment-by-moment basis. We can  encourage  character development by emphasizing, requiring, and recognizing right attitudes.

In today’s business world people are hired for skills… but are fired for character deficiencies. Why is that? All around us we see examples of companies thatare struggling…not for lack of qualified workers…but from a lack of character within their culture

CPTI can show you internationally proven methods that when  implemented will:

· Instill universally desired qualities in your employees & management
· Develop a moral compass for everyday behavior & decisions
· Create a good attitude & positive morale
· Define a person’s response in good & bad circumstances
· Influence others for good
· Provide a basis for future leadership within your organization
· Build a foundation for success in life
· Cultivate customer relationships
· Increase profits

3 Reasons People Do Right:
1. Fear,  2. Personal Gain,  3. Because It is Right
Which Person Do You  Want Working for You?

Character Precepts! Education

There is a tale of a small village settled on the edge of a steep cliff.  Each year many people would wander too close to the edge and fall to the bottom of the steep incline.  The people of the village thought about what they should do.  They decided they could either build a fence at the top of the cliff…or place an ambulance at the bottom.  Due to the cost of building a fence the people decided to place an ambulance at the bottom to whisk the fallen people away.  Many more years passed, each with more people falling over the edge of the steep cliff…carried away by the ambulance waiting at the bottom.
One day, a wise, old man walked through the village and saw the cliff.  He told the people how foolish they were to not build a fence to keep the people from falling off the cliff!  ‘How much easier’, he said, ‘is it to prevent accidents from happening…than to try to clean them up afterward!’
So it is in our culture.  It is much easier to ‘build a fence’ of character with our children…than it is to ‘clean them up’ after they make unwise decisions.  We all can agree and see the importance of character training in young children.  Character development in our schools can change an entire generation in years to come!


Character Precepts! Government, Military & Law Enforcement

Effective Government & Law Enforcement.  Your relationship with the community is an essential element for restoring law, order, and peace to neighborhoods.  City officials, military personnel, and police officers with good character are essential to building community trust.  Thus, character helps   reclaim ‘criminal strongholds’ by overcoming the fear, apathy, and tolerance of crime and corruption that allow it to flourish.Explore Ten Factors. These ten factors contribute to the success of individual government officials and police officers and shows how these dynamics will help your agency deal with today’s challenges and earn a reputation for trustworthiness and integrity.  Call us today to learn how to: execute proven tactics in three deadly arenas, learn strategies to build community relationships, identify how   character increases competency, gain compliance with authority rather than force, and exceed community expectations.Experience Coactive Policing. Coactive Policing advances new organizational and management strategies aimed at rebuilding the trust-based relationships so vital to restoring peace to neighborhoods.  Coactive Policing is not about community relations; it is about community relationships.

Training Offered By CPTI

CPTI’s Manager Training Series. How Character Precepts! Motivates Achievement & Skill
.7 Leadership Perspectives– Discovering Your Strengths & Weaknesses
. 3 Energies That Affect Your Company’s Reputation
. How To Build Character Into Your Organization
. Dealing With Personnel Problems the Character Precepts! Way
. How To Recognize Employees For Character
. Keys To Teaching Character Within Your Company
. Learning To Hire For Character First & Skill Second
. Becoming Known As A Company of Character

CPTI’s In-House Training Series

We recommend two to ten participants from the Human Resource Division or other managerial staff attend the Manager’s seminar.  This will enhance the   effectiveness of the following in-house seminars.  You select the in-house   seminars desired or allow us to tailor one to meet your needs.  We can arrange these seminars in two hour, half-day, or full-day sessions.

· Teamwork– The 3 C’s of RESPONSIBILITY
· Managing Time, Strength, and Efficiency through PUNCTUALITY
· Relieving Stress and Pressure through Building ENDURANCE
· Identifying the Keys to Problems– DECISIVENESS
· Developing the Unnatural Power of Managers– ORDERLINESS
· Highest Investment for Team Spirit– HUMILITY
· Vital Force to Teamwork– TOLERANCE
· Developing the Art of Listening Correctly– ATTENTIVENESS
· Preparing to be a Person of Vision– CREATIVITY
· Building a Defense Against Corruption– JUSTICE
· Making Challenges an Adventure– ENTHUSIASM
· Winning the Confidence of Those You Serve– DEPENDABILITY
· Obtaining the Ability to Complete a Task– INITIATIVE
· Quality That Determines Your Success– THOROUGHNESS
· Key to Company Loyalty & Customer Relations– GRATEFULNESS
· Maintaining Direction Under Pressure– LOYALTY
· Earning Trust– TRUTHFULNESS
· Anticipating Problems & Preventing Them– ALERTNESS


How Would Things Be Different in Your City If…

· Citizens cared for one another, fostering a community culture of good character?
· Government effectively modeled service and good character to the community?
· Education was effective because students understood and practiced attentiveness, orderliness, and self-control?
· Homes and streets were safe, because law enforcement was earning  respect and developing community relationships?
· Businesses succeeded with honor?
· Families were healthy, harmonious, and united?
· Faith-based organizations effectively supported and encouraged good character?
· Media regularly featured positive news about citizens of good character?

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