About Us

Character Precepts Training Institute Private Limited (CPTI) was registered as a Board of Investment Company in April 1999 as a Leadership Training Institute.  Managing Director Terry Unruh and his wife Myra are from the USA and have travelled to and from Sri Lanka since 1989.  The passionate hospitality of the Sri Lankan people and their desire to enhance their leadership skills gave birth to the Training Institutes founding.  People are any institutions number one asset and deserving of vital training that will enable them to succeed in their perspective field of service.

Terry and Myra married after receiving their college degrees in 1980.  Educated and experienced in private and family business since his early teen years, Terry has been involved in people leadership for 32 years and is a certified Leadership Training Instructor.  Myra has 28 years of teaching experience and has a degree in music. They have four adult children and four grandchildren.  The variety of experience they have in business and education will aid your organization in raising morale and instil leadership traits to forge ahead where others cut corners with “quick fix” schemes. CPTI offers a variety of training programs, consultation and materials to enhance your organization with the right tools to succeed. It is a privilege to serve the various sectors in Sri Lanka. CPTI is ready to help you!